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released May 11, 2012

Caterpillars Dressed In Their Finest consists of Gimu and Emily Loren Moss Ferrell. Gimu, a successful Brazilian sound-design artist, brings both light and heavy drone to the project and Emily, an American poet from Virginia, adds her spoken word and poetry. It all began when Gimu asked Emily to send him some of her poetry to experiment with his music. Initially it was a just-for-fun project until they realized they had created something special. With the primary focus of blending spoken poetry into a wall of sound. They have since became great friends through internet exchange and both plan on working more together on future songs and/or releases.




Caterpillars Dressed In Their Finest Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Subterranean Tide
at approximately 3:00 pm
eastern standard time
I feel the shore line
it rolls in and washes over
a self playing with sand
some days it rushes in rapidly
flooding soft green eyes
and crimson cheeks
and the sea, the sand, the waves
are all one force pulling me
into the same existence
residing among a willful cosmos
sitting on a bench in an ocean park
Track Name: A Beginning
blueish gray cumulus gather
black trees with tint of green
standing still against the sky
two dimensional painted figurines

grass still wet with collected tears
from the hunter's dried eyes
Track Name: Swimming
swimming in beautiful hues
not quite the same
but close enough
to comprehend impalements
of oppressed hearts
both awake and asleep

chiming the clocks of ourselves
dreaming of bare feet
scampering across the nakedness
of nature floored
and stored
in a stack of minded union
adorned in gold and rose

I wait to be reborn
held by the color of you
wrapped in grays and blues
placed down on feet again
where souls can meet
and swim
for the very first time

unchained and unhindered
from the tides of mankind
we will dive together
eternally bound
by the joy of love and laughter
both heard
and spoken out loud
Track Name: Language
a babbling is born
out of the roundness of a babe

pouring and spilling into the sea
of a thousand voices

all jammering and hammering

singing seamlessly
quilts of kindness and confrontation
Track Name: Preeminence
without intensity of stress
on the verge of unrest
with pulse and blood
pumping in rhythm
walks turn into skips

children smile in unison
at caterpillars dressed in their finest
and grasshoppers singing silly songs
marching into colorful gardens
befit for a king