Somewhere In Between

by Caterpillars Dressed In Their Finest



Artist: Caterpillars Dressed In Their Finest
Album: Somewhere In Between
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: CDr
Catalogue N°: PF031
Release date: October 2012

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So..finally and again we glad to present Gimu and Emily and their Caterpillars Dressed In Their Finest. Their second album called “Somewhere In Between”. Emily wrote and record the poetry and Gimu creates the sound around the music. The idea of the album is to place poetry in a wall of sound. Sometimes you can hear the poems, sometimes they are built in as a part of the music. They both wanted to work together as soon as meeting through the internet. In hopes that they could create something different together. Second album is full of details and some inner emotions. The sound became denser and more saturated. Poetic monologue appear from nowhere and are dissolved in the waves of sound as in the sea. Music reflects the mood of the poet as well as personal experiences of a musician. Filing of space, isolation and loneliness impact in the visualization and design the album. Iceland.. Amazing place with stunning scenery, black beaches and hot geysers.
Tucked inside the CD you can find grass and mosses collected in different parts of Iceland.


released October 3, 2012




Caterpillars Dressed In Their Finest Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Newt
swam with red underbellies
and dried upon the sun
toweled by the joy of nothing

tickling naked pores

swallowed redwood trees
and climbed upon the rocks
caressing quietly

tiptoeing across the moss
of unknown stages

we stomp upon the green of yesterday
Track Name: A Dream
waves resonate
crying for a delicacy
that bathes against the boundries of before

dreams become sustenance
and castles reach with broken hands
yearning for the fallen sun
Track Name: Somewhere In Between
the rising and the setting sun
the setting and the rising sun
precious gifts were lost
a soul lined with feathers
a soul lined with flowers
a soul lined with gentle folds
and here I sit, under an umbrella lined with illusions
situations I cannot begin to comprehend
situations made ever more complex
by souls of other sorts and most of all
by the soul of myself that I once knew
but I know her barely not
for she too has become a stranger
suffering somewhere in between
the madness of those spokes
turning amidst the wheels of man made horrors
still wanting to hide with her under soft blankets
wearing pajamas, tied with satin bows
taking refuge in her warm heart lined with such beliefs
that most others are just as innocent as her sacred self
that was once...
un-raped, un-touched and un-handled by human constraints
and with her I cannot detach from an ever binding bond
regardless of the cruelties inflicted by fear of gods and monsters
and faith that most of mankind is lined under umbrellas still
with feathers, with flowers, with gentle folds
especially those of both friends and strangers
Track Name: Alleviation
hidden across stagnant trees
old souls howl
against the panes of winter
waiting to be enveloped
gathering an underground death
where the touch of torrential rains
and tears shed
relieve the comfort of confinement
Track Name: Zephyrus
the west wind
picked me up
wrapped me delicately
shielded me
from jaded weapons
of cruelty and reality
where I can crawl again
under cherry blossoms
and tremble in delight
Track Name: Tyranny
sitting on my shoulder day after day
morning upon morning, pecking still before the sunrise
the clock chimes three, four, sometimes five
ready to pounce upon a daily consciousness
and scratch a twice broken record of resilience

yet I realize we all wake up with the same tyrant
I may be yours, we are each others, I am mine
the oppressor is inevitable, just as the oppressed
and to escape such an intrinsic dance is as hollow
as sitting frozen against a curtain of celestial fields

and convincingly; I sit in a somber silence and remind myself...
to pet the tyrant with devotion, for it too is a pure captivating silk
gracefully black, magnificently rare and as precious as all fabrics
tied in exquisite packages unveiling enchantments of existence
adored and serene, like a rare rose rising from the underworld